Bearing in mind the obligation to century long traditions and the Rückl family’s glassmaking heritage, the company’s long-term, unchanging and binding vision is:

  • to honour the highest ethical values of seemly but self-confident behaviour in areas of mutual trade, work and interpersonal relationships
  • to build and develop the company so that it is always ready to stand up in the competitive global environment in the areas of product quality, innovation and customer service;
  • to guide its employees towards sharing a natural sense of solidarity with the company’s aims, towards a positive, loyal and responsible relationship to the company brand, as a part of history, and to the important value we add to our products and services and furthermore to recognise the importance and standing of the glassmaking profession, with its traditional values, within the company;
  • to educate and thus promote the creative and professional development of its employees, to permanently endeavour to raise their qualifications and the general level of their education;
  • to ensure the company has the potential to constantly satisfy the most demanding customers with its products, which will be an expression of a modern style, professional and creative maturity and unmistakably high quality;
  • to maintain and further develop the company’s positive relationship with the environment, landscape preservation and the needs and interests of the community in which the company has a social, cultural and social impact.