At its glassworks in Nižbor RÜCKL CRYSTAL a.s. has extended its range of cut lead crystal with a completely new assortment of table and standing lamps thus tying in with its long history of producing lighting, which reached its peak in this family firm in the 1930’s.


The collection of interior lamps was created in co-operation between Nižbor’s glassblowers and technicians and the designers Boda Horák, Vladimíra Klumpar, Hanuš Horák and Matyáš Pavlík.

Their anticipated use is in the interiors of flats, companies’ state rooms or the social areas of hotels and apartments. Besides providing light, the designers’ intention is for the lamp to also have an aesthetic sense as an object in itself, one that suitably complements the furnishings where it is located.


The lamps are made from Bohemian lead crystal, decorated by deep wedge-shaped cuts that bring out its high refulgence and brilliancy. Located in a light source this brilliancy is accentuated even more.

The lamps’ lower parts are decorated with metal plating or by sandblasting. The metals used for plating are titanium, platinum, gold or copper. These surfaces are tough, durable and resistant to scuffing.

All the metal constructions and supports for the lighting elements inside the lamps are made of stainless steel and their surface is gently sand-blasted.

The light source used is a system of standard 12 volt LED elements with an output of 5 to 10 watts that are easily purchased. These light sources last for approximately 50,000 light-hours.